The Essential Bio:

Methuselah started as four guys from Fargo, North Dakota, who liked pushing the envelope with heavy metal.  They are currently considered one of the most important, praised and interesting heavy metal acts in the local area. Within the few short years, Methuselah has solidified their status as an up-and-coming metal band with their own unique showmanship and style.  Whether pushing the boundaries of what is considered "marketable" metal music or reinventing their own sound, time and time again, Methuselah has managed to embody the spirit of heavy metal music while maintaining a massive level of mainstream popularity among those who love the music, those who love the show, and those who love the band.

In the Beginning:

Methuselah started in 2005 by Steve Stine (guitar), Erick Kava (lead vocals), Jesse Griffin (bass), and Dave Johnson (drums). The vast experience between them all, along with the years they have been playing serves as a foundation for their heavy metal madness.  They have opened for a multitude of different bands which include: Lamb of God, Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Journey, Ratt, White Lion, Stuck Mojo, Bulletboys, Coal Chamber, Saliva, and Life of Agony, to name a few.

Their background of diversity allows them to focus on their passion for playing and performing music.  Each member brings their own flare to Methuselah, allowing them to perfect each and every show. The degree of difficulty in their of choice of songs demonstrates Methuselah’s technical capabilities. This combination of power, raw talent and pursuit of excellence is the cornerstone of their success. 

To This Day:

Methuselah continues to execute one of the most interactive stage shows.  Their contagious high energy and crowd involvement leaves the audience feeling intoxicated.  Methuselah has certainly mastered the ability to execute one of the areas most exciting and impressive stage performances.